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2020 Starboard Hypernut



The Hyper Nut offers the stability from a larger board and performance of a smaller board.

This paddle board is a new found love in every quiver, it offers excitement to the most mediocre conditions. The short outline, thin rail and tail shape transform the performance.


7'0" x 28" Starlite, 7'6" x30" Starlite, 7'10" x 31.5" Starlite, 8'4" x 31.5" Starlite, 9'0" x 31.5" Starlite, 7'0" x 28" Blue Carbon, 7'6" x30" Blue Carbon, 7'10" x 31.5" Blue Carbon, 8'4" x 31.5" Blue Carbon, 9'0" x 31.5" Blue Carbon

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