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2020 Liquid Force Solo Kite



Light as air, the 2020 Solo offers jet-setting freeriders and hydrofoil enthusiasts a kite with ideal performance characteristics based on an industry-proven, easy-to-fly single strut platform. The 2020 Solo was completely redesigned to make the kite more forgiving, lighter, and more nimble in the sky.

The Solo continues to offer a smooth and comfortable sheeting range throughout the powerband, granting easy access to power and control. When it comes to marginal conditions, the Solo has an extremely efficient, lightweight shape that makes its light wind perfomance a force to be reckoned with. Simultaneously, the profile of the 2020 Solo makes dumping the gusts out of the kite effortless. We wanted the Solo to be so easy to use that your focus is on having fun on the water and nothing else.

To achieve all of these goals, a lot had to be done to the DNA of the Solo. We started by flattening the arc through the center of the kite, giving the Solo more inherent low-end power. Next, we cleaned up the profile of the canopy, making the kite more playful and quicker through the sky. To take full advantage of these two changes, we also widened the wingtips. This gives the kite more rigidity and turning response while widening the “sweet spot” of the kite, making it more accepting of increased rear line tension.

Ultra lightweight build offers amazing lightwind performance and keeps the kite flying in even the most marginal conditions. Dynamic sliding bridle improves turn response and bar feel while simultaneously widening the sweet spot in the powerband. Teijin technical coated triple ripstop canopy. Ultra-light, abrasion and tear resistant UV coated material that ensures longevity in kite performance. Widened wingtips, in conjunction with a new “boxy” arc, give the kite more raw power and make it more forgiving to excessive rear line tension. These two features expand the useable wind range per size, so the 2020 Solo works better in a wider variety of conditions.


5m, 7m, 9m, 12m, 15.5m, 17.5m


Red, Blue, Yellow

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