New Surf Project (NSP)

Surf Bettys

New is the 6\\\\\\'4\\\\\\" Betty Fish. With a wide outline and a full volume, its a design thats very stable and perfectly suited as a first shortboard for the petite. Larger, more experienced Betty\\\\\\'s will admire the performance and down the line speed in mediocre surf. Super durable E2 epoxy ensures multiple surf sessions.\r\nAs the smallest board in the NSP funboard quiver, this 6\\\\\\'8\\\\\\" versatile design packs a punch. Experts will be surprised at the performance and balance, not too big, not too small. Intermediates will love the forgiving characteristics and surfability. A great choice as a first shortboard for the groms or for surfers looking for a full body design to put the fun back in their surfing.\r\nThe 7\\\\\\'2\\\\\\" is a slightly scaled down, racier version of the popular 7\\\\\\'6\\\\\\". This smaller funboard offers many of the same characteristics of the other boards in the group. Even flow and volume distribution with a lightly flipped nose and very slight bump wing blending into pintail give it an extra kick. Whether you\\\\\\'re an expert looking for a fuller unshape or a novice wanting that a little more size for comfort, this design is sure to please.\r\nThe 7\\\\\\'6\\\\\\" Surf Betty is a nicely balanced tri-fin egg. Perfect as a mini-longboard for young girls, or a mid-size funboard for advanced Bettys. Large enough to learn on and keep you surfing on the small days, small enough to perform when the surf jumps up. It\\\\\\'s the same great design as the popular NSP 7\\\\\\'6\\\\\\" with an updated graphic which appeals to girls who want a board that\\\\\\'s made for them. No boys allowed.

$485.95  6.4 Fish 
$499.95  6.8 
$542.95  7.10 
$519.00  7.2 
$529.00  7.6 

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