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This soon to be classic 8'2" longboard is great for juniors, and for anyone looking for a smaller sized longboard. Being great for your first board, it also has the attributes that appeal to seasoned surfers. Mini Malibu, Mini Tanker, Mini Longboard or Short LB, no matter how you label this 8'6" tri-fin design, you always end up with a board geared for pure surfing fun. A balanced, contemporary longboard for lightweights or a "Big Guy" funboard that doesn't back down for an expert in overhead surf. This popular design is also terrific for those just learning to surf.\r\nA classic 9'2" performance Malibu with a unique blend of old and new. If it's your first day going straight off, or if you've surfed your whole life, you'll appreciate the smooth style and handling of this design. From overhead grinders to waist-high mush, this is a special design which really delivers. Progressive shape with nose concave and hard edges in the tail that blend to a soft round nose. 2+1 fin set-up with easy conversion to single fin only. This full-size 10'2" Malibu is pure surfing fun. It is an updated classic designed to please new and old surfers alike. With it's well-balanced thickness and progressive rocker, the board can accomodate both hot dogging and cruising styles. Great for dad in small summer surf or double up the groms and ride tandem. Popular with surf schools, it's hard to imagine a better board to learn on that you will never outgrow. This 11'0" modern classic was developed with input from old time beach boys and is sure to please. Great for dad in small surf and if you want to mix it up, make it tandem. Surfers of all skill levels will enjoy the smooth ride. Epoxy makes this durable board lighter than traditional longboards.

$749.95  10'2"x 24" x 3.5" 96L 
$789.00  11'x25 3/4"x4 1/16. 124L 
$499.95  8.2" x22 1/16" x 3 3/16" 67L  
e2 construction +$100
$609.00  8.6" x 22 5/8" x 3" 69L 
brown or blue cocomat +$100
$599.95  9.2"x 22 7/8" x 3 3/13" 78L 
e2 construction + $100 blue or brown coco mat + $200
$739.00  9.6" x23" x 3 3/8" 82L 
blue or brown coco mat +$100

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