New Surf Project (NSP)

Fish Boards 5.6 - 6.6

With its unique blend of retro and modern features this 5'6" design incorporates a flipped nose with a shallow entry and a wide body with soft bump wing tapering to swallow tail. The fish delivers great down the line speed that changes the bad days into good fun. Great board for the youngsters. The mid size 6'0" fish could possibly be the funnest board on the NSP line. This fish is wide enough to keep you moving while at the same time small enough to maneuver on the face. Great down the line speed which transfers your on-shore small days into your playground. The full size NSP fish offers a broad nose and a wide body template combined with a shallow rocker. This wide flat body allows you to catch the smallest of waves. Its generous proportion offer an easy time for big riders despite the 6'4" length implies.

$459.00  5.6 
$471.95  6.0 
$429.95  6.4 
$429.95  6.6 

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