Foil Mount

Foil Mounts

Foil Adapters for fitting most foils to most boxes, check them out

$129.99  GoFoil Adapter Plate 
Convert your GoFoil Deep Tuttle to a 4-bolt plate system with this adapter plate. Your GoFoil will tighten into this adapter and then can be used on ANY track mounted foilboard or FoilMount system.
$199.00  Power Plate Adapter 
Powerbox style fin-box (or Tuttle or Deep Tuttle) to the common 4-Hole plate pattern found on most kite and windsurf foils today. Use the included bolts to screw the PowerPlate to the 4-Hole plate on your foil Mount to your windsurf board through the fin-box using your current fin-bolt(s). The PowerPlate is made from 2 pieces of solid aluminum and includes an attached 3/16" foam padding for your board bottom.

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