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The ProTec Ace Wake helmet takes the classic design of the ProTec Ace skateboard helmet, and modifies it for in-water use. The Ace Wake liner is a dense closed foam waterproof material, and the water sports helmet has two important additional features that set it apart: a helmet fit system and removable side ear cups.\r\n\r\nThose two features and more make the ProTec Ace Wake unique from other water sports helmets:\r\nThe ProTec "Full Surround Interior Fit System" that varies the thickness of the dual-density interior foam liner to provide extra cushion around the crown of your head. \r\nThe "Rear Head-Loc fit system" cups the back side of your head, similar to fit systems routinely found on bike helmets. The fit system in the Ace Wake allows you to tailor the fit of the helmet to your head, including the height of the helmet as it sits on your head, as well as the amount of tension front-to-back on your head. \r\nThe removable side ear cups help protect your eardrums from bursting during sideways water impacts. \r\nA high density injection molded shell protects your head from impacts from hard objects (rails, ramps, the ground, etc.) \r\nThe Wake's light weight, low profile, and stealthy colors make it a favorite helmet for tactical, special ops, and "other" military/law enforcement teams \r\nThe ProTec Ace Wake helmet is certified to the Water Sports Safety Standard CE EN 1385. \r\nDon't want the custom fit capability and ear cups? Check out the ProTec Ace Water \r\nClick here to see more colors ProTec Ace Wake Helmets\r\n\r\n\r\nProTec Ace Wake Helmet Size \r\nS 53-54cm \r\nM 55-56cm \r\nL 57-58cm \r\nXL 59-60cm \r\n

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